Artificial Flowers Pampas Natural Dried Flower Bouquet For Home Decor Garden Wedding Decoracion Vase Ornaments Accessories 35pcs

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Attracting LOVE with flowers.  According to feng shui experts, the far right corner of the entrance to your bedroom, is called the "love spot".  Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil on this spot.  Then Place a vase filled with your personal floral arrangement on the right side of your bedside table.

Our carefully selected range of artificial and natural dried flowers can be used to brighten up the interior of any home, office or event venue.  People are increasingly buying artificial and dried flowers because of their obvious advantages.  They are pest and disease free.  Unlike fresh flowers and plants, they do not produce allergies and do not attract bugs, making them safe for use, in every setting.  Above all, they are economical and affordable, considering their lifespans.

Choose to buy a vase of your choice, to help your flower arrangement keep its form for the most attractive display.  

Type: Dried Pampas Grass, Preserved Flower Decor

Type: Pampas Grass

Style: Flower

Quantity:  Artificial Plants

Origin: Mainland China

Occasion: Party, Wedding, Birthday or any Celebratory Events

Model Number: LW66

Material: Rattan

Length: About 45cm 

Flower Style: Flower Bouquet

Color: White,Primary Real Plants

Classification: Dried Flowers

CN: Yunnan

Color: C
Size: No Vase